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The Akron Civic Theatre

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Well-known story still told by some of the theater’s tour guides is the story of Fred the janitor. Fred was a life-long employee of the Civic, back in the days when it was called the “Loews Theater”. He died on the premises, but his ghost still tends to duties, namely keeping vandals at bay in the bathrooms. The Civic has been the site of many high school proms, and several sightings have been reported of a figure that “attacks” would-be vandals. Another ghost reported many times is that of a young woman that weeps by the canal that still runs under the theater and through parts of the city underground. This same canal was the lifeline of the city in the early 1800’s, so many think she is a “shade” that remains from the early canal days.If anyone has any pictures of The Akron Civic Theater could you send me some pictures i will give the person full credit on the photos.

Rogue’s Hallow

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

The phantom of a headless horse has been seen on Clinton-Doylestown Road.Just east of here.The animal was killed when it ran into a low-hanging branch of an oak tree during a thunder-storm.The oak tree itself is supposedly haunted.

The face of the devil himself was reported glaring down from its branches.When the tree was felled,a ghost oak tree started to appear in the same spot.Doylestown is also the home of the headless ghost of a man who was crushed to death by the waterwheel of the Chidester Wool Mill.

There are other ghosts,apparently of overworked coal miners, have been reported from time to time over the years.In the mid-1800’s,over fifty coal mines were dug into the gentle hills here.When the mines were abandoned,they were taken over rats,outlaws,moonshiners and ghosts

Hinckley Library

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

This 1845 mansion belonged to Vernon Stouffer,founder of the stouffer food corporation.It became a public library in 1973,and during renovations several staff members reported ghostly manifestations.

The apparitions of a young woman in an old-fashioned blue dress and a man in a hat were seen on the stairway.A workman encountered a ghostly figure on the basement stairs.Others have felt strange presences on the upper floors and witnessed poltergeist effects,such as paper clips flying across the room.

It has been suggested that the ghosts are Dr.Nelson Wilcox and his sister Rebecca, who lived in the cabin on the site during the Civil War.