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James Garfield House

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

When this house was moved to its present location, the ghosts of President James Garfield and his wife Lucretia started to appear.The house was built in 1836 and served as faculty boarding house for the Western Reserve Electric Institute until 1867.

Garfield lived there when he became a teacher and principal at the institute in 1856.That same year he married Lucretia and they both lived in the house until 1861.

The house had several owners after the school closed and in 1958 was willed to Hiram College.Bruno and Dorothy Mallone bought it in 1961,and had it moved from the campus to their property outside of town. Almostly immediately,strange things started happening in the house.

The dining-room lights flickered whenever Garfield’s name was mentioned.Then,the unaccountable odor of cigar smoke and strange footsteps were detected in the parlor.The eerie effects increased in frequency,and the Mallones called in psychics to investigate.

Several seances were conducted in which Garfield’s spirit was contacted.The general impression was that James Garfield is not happy in the afterlife.

He thinks he was betrayed by close friends who arranged his assassination.