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Panhandle Road

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

A ghostly figure has been seen in a home along this road.

Hogback Road

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Just a short ways from a parking area on the side of the road is a hill where satanic rituals are said to take place. One man who was playing his guitar on the hill was escorted back to his vehicle by 20-30 people wearing black robes. They told him never to return on a Sunday and to never return to the hill again.

Also, at one residence close to an old Indian burying ground people have reported seeing a transparent apparition with an Indian-like headdress that dashed across their living room from out of one wall and into another with nothing but a cold ‘chill’ thereafter.

Robinson Estate

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

In 1825, and ex-pirate captain by the name of John Robinson started building an opulent mansion on a piece of the bottom lands near the Scioto River.

Rumors are spread of iron chests full of gold being carried into the structure, along with expensive furniture and oil paintings.

The villagers of Delaware kept their distance, and that was the way Robinson liked it.The only other person ever seen at the estate was a young spanish girl,whom Robinson treated brutally.

The one spring locals noticed that there was no activity at the mansion, and the place was becoming over- grown with weeds and vines.They entered the house and found the library spattered with bloodstains and all of the paintings slashed except for a lone portrait of the Spanish girl.

No bodies were ever found, and the estate was eventually destroyed by treasure seekers.By the ghost of the Spanish girl haunts the old estate.She is most often seen around 5:00pm,wearing a lace dress and brocades,sobbing hysterically near the ruins of the mansion or among the willows along the riverbanks.