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Paul Peters Farm Cemetery

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Just past the border between Franklin and Pickaway Counties is the Paul Peters Farm Cemetery, also known as the old Cholera Cemetery. No stones can be seen from the road as many have been destroyed or are buried in the ground. Electronic equipment has failed while on the premises of the cemetery for no apparent reason. Cold spots can be felt and EMF readings are high at the front of the cemetery.

Some witnesses have reported seeing a misty figure in the tree-line and/or red balls of light floating around in the cemetery. It is said that hangings used to take place from a large tree in the cemetery and the bodies were buried there. Screams have been heard coming from the cemetery late at night. Be warned, if you go here at night, the neighbors have been known to call in law enforcement.

Lockbourne Hell House

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Once located just down the driveway from Paul Peters Farm Cemetery, this house was haunted by shadowy figures that moaned and flickered the kitchen lights. It was said that anyone who lived in the house would have extremely bad luck. The original large brick farmhouse had been ripped to shreds by a tornado that passed through the area, killing the old man who lived there.

A significantly smaller house was built in it’s place from scavenged material of the farmhouse. Two families that lived there had their husbands / fathers killed in violent car accidents. The last family who lived in the house lost their head of the household when the home burned to the ground killing him. All that remains of the house today is the foundation.

Jenkins Sunoco

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

located near the west side of town right b4 u get out is the gas station. the owner of the gas stations husband died of a brain aneurysm while working in the beer cooler… at night when your working by yourself it feels as if you’re being watched and when all the lights are off you can see things moving in the cooler.