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The Castle Inn

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

The Castle Inn was built in the 1800’s by Samuel T. Ruggles .The Castle Inn was inspired by several European style castles. It has large amount of stained glass windows,including a fabulous piece at the end of the stairway.One of the rooms in the tower has a bathroom paneled in rose marble,ornate walnut has marble furnishings.The Castle Inn was purchased in the early 1990’s.

The Castle Inn is supposedly being haunted by the wife of Mr.Ruples and one of their daughter named Miriam. If anyone has any information on the name of Miss.Ruples please let me know i couldn’t find a name on her i just found the name of the daughter Miriam.

I was told there is a room in the Castle Inn called the Murder Room i am not sure if the Miss.Ruples and her daughter Miriam were murdered there.

Recently Chip Coffey brought some psychic kids to the Castle Inn for his show called Psychic Kids Children Of The Paranormal on A&E.I personally seen the show i had to go there and investigate for myself but couldn’t get inside to investigate.

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Genealogical Library

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Circleville’s Genealogical Library on South Court Street is the home of the spirits of runaway slaves, who were once hidden in the basement of the old house.

Manna Pro Feed Mill

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

The Manna Pro feed mill in Circleville, which is set to close its doors for good on May 8, 2002, is said by workers to be a very haunted place. Equipment turns itself on and off at random. The old “man lift” elevator, which rattles every time someone gets on or off, will rattle for no apparent reason.

There have been at least four deaths at the Manna Pro mill. One was a fireman who was beaten to death by a runaway hose. The other three were heart attacks, which might have something to do with those pumpkin burgers they eat in Circleville. Maybe when the place closes someone will spend a night inside and let me know if they see any ghosts.

I just recently made a trip to Manna Pro Feed Mill sadly to say the Manna Pro Feed Mill burned down to the ground Sunday August 24th 2008 i heard stories from the people at the local library where i did some research on the Manna Pro Feed Mill you can still see damage the fire caused on the houses crossed the street.

The fire that destroyed the Manna Pro Feed Mill is still under investigation at this time.