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Cedar Fair Inc.Formerly Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

Friday, May 8th, 2009

One day a little boy went on the ride “Superman” and he was too small. While on the ride he flew out of his seat and landed on his head. He died shortly after. Some say if you sit in seat 2 in the last row at 5:26 PM you can hear the screaming and the thud of the little boy’s head hitting the pavement. – March 2004 additional info/correction: there has never been a boy who has died on the superman ride. although the submitter to the correction do belives the park is haunted.

One ride is called the Hay Bayler is frequently visited by a ghosts and there are other areas of the park that are haunted. their have only been 2 deaths sence the park changed the name from geauga lake to six flags. one of the deaths was a girl who had drown in the wave pool. the other was a girl who worked there. she was on the batman ride,(she wasn’t riding it, but she was working on something) and she fell. – June 2008 Update: They have closed down the ride side of the park and is now just a warterpark.

Brooklyn Middle School

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

This school is known to be haunted. Many students believe there is a ghost named Clarence haunting the halls and a ghost named John haunting the lower floors. John was a student at Brooklyn Middle School seventy-five years ago. After his graduation ceremony, John died in a car wreck. He was a rather shy student that was frequently picked on. People say that he watches out for students who are bullied. The origin of Clarence is unknown.

Brooklyn High School – Dark Room

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Many students that have the photography class here at Brooklyn High School say that when the go in the room to develop film that they hear noises and it feels like there’s someone in the room with them. They report hearing laughing and giggling. Also they hear a young (child boy or girl) crying.