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Lakemont park

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

At the completion of the roller coaster a Maintenance worker was killed by a coaster car during a test run. To this day people say they see him working on the track while they are riding the roller coaster.I used to go to Lakemont park with my family every summer its a small amusement park nothing really exciting its just one big water park i haven’t been there in years but my family still goes there every summer.I heard stories about the Maintenance work that got killed but i am not sure if they mention his name or not i cant remember.

Official Lakemont Park Website

Inclined Plane

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

A coal miner from the early 1900’s walks the base of the Inclined Plane hillside. Several years ago a boy reported seeing a coal miner with early 1900’s gear on walking the hiking trail at the base of the Inclined Plane. In 1902 a mine explosion killed 115 miners in this same area.I just to travel to Johnstown on a regular bases with my family always went apassed the inclined planes never stop to get a ride up in them but i will have to investigate the supposed slighting of a ghostly coal miner.

Johnstown PA Coal Mine Explosion July of 1902

Seldom Seen Valley Coal Mine

Monday, January 26th, 2009

In the early 1900’s Three out of work miners from the small Mining town of Hastings head about a widow who had a large amount of jewelry and money and thought it to be an easy score. The made there way to the widows house and made way with the money after one of the robbers was shot in the arm by the widows oldest son. They made there way to what was at the time Miller Run Mining Company No.1 the hit the loot in a non-operating part of the mine and returned to Hastings. They were picked up in a police dragnet three days later after getting drunk and bragging about what they did. Not enough evidence was ever brought up to convict them when they were released they made there way back to the mine to recover the loot and make a get away.

While they were digging they caused a large cave in that flooded nearly all of Miller Run the other side of the mountain was opened up into Chest Creek Mining Company where it meets with the old Miller Run min shaft. Fire Bosses and Pumpers working late at night would report digging and screaming noises coming from back Old Miller Run and still to this day if the mine is quite enough you can still hear the bone quenching noises of the 3 robbers desperately trying to get there money. The money and the bodies where never recovered due to the mine becoming flooded.

Chest Creek Mining Co. is now Seldom Seen Mining co. is it for touring only and they are give from Memorial day till Labor day during the Halloween Season there is a haunted mine Conducted.Back in the early 1990’s i went there with my sisters and brother and mother for a ride in the haunted coal mines on Halloween.When we were there i seen spirits of men dressed in early 19th century style walking into the mines i thought it was actors i asked one of the guys who were there if they had any actors playing robbers and they said no.