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Civic Arena

Friday, January 30th, 2009

The neighborhood that was demolished to build the arena is said to come alive at night. The whole dome suddenly filling with the sounds of people, streetcars and car horns. Mario Lemieux, star player for the Pittsburgh Penguins has said he’s seen shadowy guys in 1920s clothes mulling about in the halls. The Civic Arena had changed names its now called The Mellon Arena.I was there a few times for concerts like Marilyn Manson,Metallica,Nirvana and much more.I used to live in that area of where Mellon Area is at i always knew the place was haunted when i was there u really couldn’t hear anything except for yelling and people getting their food and drinks.But i will do more investigating when i go back home to Pittsburgh.

Allegheny General Hospital South Tower

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Oldest part of the hospital. Noises and people talking are heard, and some have seen things.I used to go passed Allegheny General Hospital all the time when i was going to Pittsburgh.When i went to Allegheny General Hospital because my dad was there.All i have to say when i first stepped inside of the hospital i knew it was haunted or has spirit activity i think all hospitals have ghosts or spirit activity.I doubt that people working at the hospital will talk about the hauntings or not you might be able to find some person who had experience there and i know some places that they aren’t allowed to talk about the hauntings.

Dixmont Mental Hospital

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Lots of ghosts of formal mental patients who died there.Scariest Places On Earth Filmed Some Of Their Show There.I heard stories from a friend of mine who visited Dixmont Mental Hospital he said the place is in very bad shape he doesn’t suggest that People try to investigate the place. Article About Dixmont Mental Hospital From Pittsburgh Gazette.

Update Dixmont Mental Hospital has been completely ripped down there is nothing left of the building I’m not sure what is there now.I wished i had a chance to investigate it when it was still standing.

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