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Newark Earthworks

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Orbs are reported seen in photographs when people visit the Newark Earthworks,This is a ancient Native American holy site by the Adena Indians around 10,000 A.D.

Denison University

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Denison University was founded in 1831.An independent residential college of liberal arts and sciences,Denison enrolls of approximately 2,100 men and women representing all 50 states and half of dozen of foreign countries . Denison University has a few haunted places what i didn’t know they have a campus cemeteries i never investigated a haunted college that it had it’s own cemetery on the campus grounds.

Here are a few pictures of the Denison University Cemetery Pictures.I found this very interesting that a college has it’s own cemetery.I thought they would have tuck it out of the way.

Now Leaving Denison University Cemetery I didn’t capture any evidence of any spirit activity going on at the cemetery.I might have to come back to investigate it more.

The Buxton Inn

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

In Gransville is one of Ohio’s very well known haunted places.Buxton Inn was built in 1812 by Orin Granger as a post office and stagecoach stop on the Columbus-Newark route.The spirits of the Buxton Inn are almost exclusively of the former owners.Orin Granger himself appears to the Inn guests and he is known as the ghostly blue man who eats all the tasty pies from the pantry in the Inn.

Major Buxton who owned and operated the Buxton Inn between 1865 and 1905 he is seen sitting next to the fireplace and guests who walk up to the fireplace to warm up their hands have reported seen disembodied hands next to them at the fireplace.

Ethel “Bonnie” Bounell operated the Buxton Inn from 1934 to 1960.And she is known as the “Blue Lady”She has been reported to haunt the rooms seven and nine.

If you ever stay at The Buxton Inn i would suggested to book the rooms seven or nine those are the most active haunted rooms in the Buxton Inn.Here is the Buxton Inn official website The Buxton Inn Official Website