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The Church of the Holy Spirit

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

You are not safe even in the campus chapel. There are two different accounts of haunting-related events in the church. A common belief is that the Church is cursed. Most churches in the 19th century were built in the shape of crosses on the East-West line, with the altar facing East to celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection every day. However, the Church of the Holy Spirit is built on the North-South axis and faces South: it is, in essence, an upside-down cross. Also, though there is no official record of any fire in the Church, there are scorch marks beneath the windows of the chapel: the catch, however, is that the marks are facing down, indicating that the Church burned from the top to the bottom, defying the laws of physics as it did so.

The second story is of an actual haunting. If you go into the Church late at night by yourself, perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the priest’s ghost, a pitch-black shape in the dark recess under the choir loft. Years ago, a priest was said to have gone crazy and locked himself in the office of the Church. The story goes that he hung himself in the belltower and is now condemned to haunt the church.

The Old Kenyon Fire of 1949

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Old Kenyon burned to the ground in the early morning of February 27, 1949, and despite the heroic efforts of many, nine students were killed in the blaze, and two were killed jumping from the third story. After the fire, Old Kenyon was rebuilt on a new foundation, which was three feet higher and which used many of the same stones from the original building. However, because the stones were not all put back in their original places, some floor pieces became part of the ceilings and some ceiling pieces became part of the floor.

Many students have reported seeing legless torsos “walking” down the halls of the first floor. Lights turn on and off inexplicably. Students who live in the rooms previously occupied by the victims of the fire have reported strange happenings. One student who lives in a room where a victim was trapped reported hearing pounding noises on his door and cries of “get me out!” Another student had an unpleasant encounter with his room’s possessive former occupant: he was studying at his desk when someone tapped his shoulder from behind and screamed, “What are you doing in my room?” When the student turned around, no one was there. Another student claims that he was awoken one night by someone shaking him and screaming of “Ed, wake up, fire!” One of the victims that died in the fire was Edward Brout. In 1979, a student reported waking to the feeling of a hand sliding across his pillow, but when he opened his eyes, no one was there.

On the anniversary of the fire, a student was said to have entered his room (or the storage room) in the tower and found a candle smoldering on his desk and a 1949 yearbook flipped to the page on which the names of the fire victims are located. It looked as though someone had just left the room, but the student did not meet anyone in the hall.

Even Safety and Security has had run-ins with the ghosts of Old Kenyon. During the summer one year, some security officers were inspecting the rooms in the dorm. They would unlock, inspect, and relock each door. They heard a door behind them unlock and open and, upon investigation, found that one of the doors they had just locked had been opened. Then they heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. They went to check out the source, but as soon as they entered the bathroom, the shower turned off. No one was there. The only thing they found was a pair of wet footprints leading straight into a wall.

Some claim that the ghosts are actually nine women who died in the fire while staying over at Old Kenyon with their boyfriends after the Sophomore Dance in Rosse Hall Annex on the evening of February 26. However, the administration will not concede that women were in the all-male dorm, and the women were not remembered during the memorial service. It is said that at night you can hear a group of women singing around Old Kenyon.

Leonard Hall

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Some say that Leonard Hall 13 is haunted. It is said to have had, at one time, two doors. In 1961, the room was remodeled, one of the doors blocked off, and is now used for storage. However, there have been a few incidents that have led students to believe that this room is haunted. In 1980, Beth Schaefer lived next door to room 13. One night, she heard what she thought was the sound of a bed creaking coming from the room. When she investigated, there was no one and no bed in the room.

Another Leonard resident was up early one morning in the bathroom. She heard the door open and felt the presence of someone in the room with her. When she turned around, no one was there. In 1972, security officer Vernon Parker was making his rounds during the summer, after all the students had left. He saw a figure wearing a baseball cap coming out of the east wing of Old Kenyon walk towards Leonard, where he then disappeared. When Mr. Parker went to investigate, all the doors were locked and there was no trace of this “person.”

If anyone who lived in Leonard Hall had any experiences let me know i would like to hear from you if you had any personal experiences.