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Mather Hall

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Supposedly there is a trap door that leads to HELL and its located in Mather Hall in the basement.If anyone had any experiences with the so called Trap Door To Hell.Please let me know if you want you can share your story with us.

Roose Hall

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

In Rosse Hall, the eyes of the portrait of Lady Rose are said to follow you if you look directly into them at night. Stare too long, and you’ll be cursed

Kokosing House

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

The Kokosing House, also known as the Bishop’s House was built in 1864 by Bishop Gregory Thurston Bedell and his wife on the banks of the Indian-named Kokosing River (Kokosing means “Place of the Owls”). True to the spirit of the college, Kokosing gives rise some legends, as it acquies the fame of being inhabited by a memeber of Kenyon’s community of ghosts.

In 1971, Kokosing was the residence of Professor Galbraith M. Crump of the English Department, who lived there with his wife and sons. The Crumps moved into the house in 1966 when its former occupant and writer-in-residence, Jerry Madden, left Gambier. That year The Kenyon Collegian publishes an article on the ghost in Kokosing:

“Kokosing is not without its legends. The old home is the scene of one of Gambier’s most famous ghosts. There is still a dispute as to the specter’s identity. Some say it is Bishop Bedell himself, others think it is the mistress of some former resident. Mr. Crump explains that the spirit is said to appear on the third floor of the balcony, descend the circular stairway to the second floor, enter a bedroom fireplace and emerge one floor below to tour the large front room of the house. The Crump cat has occasionally been found in the front entrance hall spitting at something unseen in the living room.” – Steve Stettler, [[The Kenyon Collegian], December 9, 1971

In 1975, the Mount Vernon News publishes an article entitled “Gambier Mansion Owners Report Ghostly Sounds.” The article says the following concerniong the Kokosing ghost:

“Evidently a fairly recent arrival, the ghost has not been positively identified, but it is generally believed to be a woman. It is in the form of a woman that the ghost appeared to a member of Prof. Crump’s family. An earlier resident, Prof. Philip Church also believed the ghost to be a woman. He is reported to have said, “I knew she was there, but I never saw her.” Residents and guests have reported organ music, doors which had been closed standing open, strange noises in the front room, creaking floors, footsteps and banging windows.

Prof. Crump seems quite willing to share his home with a ghost. “Benevolent” is the professor’s word for her and this may account for his apparent unconcern. The Crump’s cat, however, is not as relaxed. Several times the professor has found his cat, hair standing on end, spitting at something unseen in the downstairs hall.” – James Buchwald, The Mount Vernon News, November 10, 1975