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Mount Calvary Cemetery

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Mount Calvary Cemetery is located at 518 Mount Calvary Ave Columbus,OH,And Mount Calvary is predominate Catholic Cemetery it was established in 1865. Its boarders the Old Cooper Stadium.
I happened to notice that Mount Calvary Cemetery has different selections for a cemetery i never seen anything like that before.

I just recently took a trip out to investigate Mount Calvary Cemetery to prove if the cemetery is haunted.I was told some colorful stories about some of the people who are buried here some of the stories aren’t for the faint of heart

Anna Marie Hahn,(Anna Marie Hahn is also known as “Arsenic Anna”) she was Ohio’s first female serial killer in the 19th century she was put to death by the electric chair.She had secreted poison in the meals of at least a half-dozen elderly Cincinnati men whom she was milking for their saving accounts.

Harry Chapman he was executed in 1939 for killing a Springfield police officer.I am not sure where hes buried here at Mount Calvary Cemetery i will look more into it.It seems to be there is no information about Harry Chapman i will have to investigate more into it.

Dr.Oliver Haugh he killed his parents and a young brother by injecting them with scopolamine and then set the house on fire with their bodies in the house.He was put to death in 1907,his obituary noting,The felon was buried as he had lived and died,alone and unwept save by his wife.The location of where he’s buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery remains unknown today.

When i was investigating Mount Calvary Cemetery a while back i came across a selection of the cemetery called Cathedral Unconsecrated that’s where i heard they place all of the criminals and etc what doesn’t fit the puzzle why would they have a Nun buried in the Unconsecrated selection of the cemetery did the Nun did something unspeakable to be placed in a spot for those who did things that were so bad.

Children’s Hospital

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Children’s   Hospital has a room or two that is supposedly haunted. And supposedly the nurses wont go into certain corridors alone at night. In addition, the park next to the Children’s hospital is haunted by a Pink Lady, a ghostly female figure which is supposedly seen in the trees late at night. Kids often report seeing her from their windows. I am not sure if this Pink Lady is in anyway related to the Lady In Gray that haunts the old Confederate Cemetery.

CD 101 FM Radio Columbus

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

CD101.1 FM in Columbus is the headquartered in the old Worley Plumbing building in the Brewery District.Long ago part of the build was used as a stable for workhorses.When it caught fire,a women was killed.Today the women is seen occasionally in the studio,especially late at night when the overnight deejay is there alone

A former deejay at CD101 brought her daughter to work with her one day and ended up having a encounter with the ghost. Her daughter was asleep on the floor and a heavy piece of station equipment nearly fell on her; her mom was holding it up,trying to wake her because the thing was heavy it would have killed the little girl.

I’m not sure who the lady is who came to the aide of the little girl that night i am going to investigate a little more into it.