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WalingHam Farm

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

The problems at this wooden Victorian harmhouse began in 1891,when the owner found pieces of a skeleton in the basement.He threw the old bones into a lime kiln.Soon,the family started hearing terrified screams in the early morning hours and bells chiming from nowhere.

Then,furniture moved across rooms,and a dismembered hand was seen on the staircase.Finally,the ghost of a bloody beaten man started to materialize.The family’s dog attacked the ghost and thrown to the ground with a broken neck.

During a dinner party not long afterward,groans were heard coming from an upstairs room and blood started to drip from the ceiling above the dinner table.

The family moved out the next day,and their deserted home became known as possessed by demons.When investigator Horace Gunn spent a night there, he woke to see the bloodied head of a man floating above his bed.

He ran into the hallway,but was grabbed by cold invisible hands and choked into unconsciousness.When he was discovered the next day,he was severely traumatized and incoherent.He never fully recovered from the experience.

The Castle Inn

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

The Castle Inn was built in the 1800’s by Samuel T. Ruggles .The Castle Inn was inspired by several European style castles. It has large amount of stained glass windows,including a fabulous piece at the end of the stairway.One of the rooms in the tower has a bathroom paneled in rose marble,ornate walnut has marble furnishings.The Castle Inn was purchased in the early 1990’s.

The Castle Inn is supposedly being haunted by the wife of Mr.Ruples and one of their daughter named Miriam. If anyone has any information on the name of Miss.Ruples please let me know i couldn’t find a name on her i just found the name of the daughter Miriam.

I was told there is a room in the Castle Inn called the Murder Room i am not sure if the Miss.Ruples and her daughter Miriam were murdered there.

Recently Chip Coffey brought some psychic kids to the Castle Inn for his show called Psychic Kids Children Of The Paranormal on A&E.I personally seen the show i had to go there and investigate for myself but couldn’t get inside to investigate.

The Castle Inn Official Website

GreenLawn Cemetery

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

This selection of Ohio Haunted Places focuses on the king of kings of Columbus Ohio graveyards– GreenLawn Cemetery. The gates of Greenlawn Cemetery are located at the end of Greenlawn Avenue, south of the Brewery District, but Greenlawn Cemetery covers hundreds of hundreds of acres,stretching all the way to Harrisburgh Pike and Cooper Stadium.

If you think of the city as the face of a clock,Greenlawn Cemetery occupies the hours between 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.GreenLawn Cemetery occupies hours they change during Summer and Fall seasons.

You can so easy get totally lost in GreenLawn Cemetery,I totally got lost when the first time i went to GreenLawn Cemetery.There are gravel roads split off to three paved roads twists and turns.There are so many directions that you can spend alot of time finding your way around GreenLawn Cemetery.

If this is your first time visiting GreenLawn Cemetery i would recommand visiting GreenLawn Cemetery in the daytime so you can get to know the cemetery a little more before adventuring out at nite time and please carry a flash light and fresh battery or walkie takies if u get lost make sure you have a few friends with you as well.

GreenLawn Cemetery was Established on August 7, 1848,GreenLawn Cemetery quickly began to fill up with Columbus citizens,including many notable local dead people.You’ll find the namesakes of many city streets and landmarks in the older sections, and a whole bunch of Ohio governors.I personally just realized there is a creepy connection that GreenLawn Cemetery was founded on the same month and same day i was born on and totally different year isn’t that creepy.

A few famous Columbus citizens you’ll find at GreenLawn Cemetery

Gordon Battelle

He willed all of his money to establish the Battelle Memorial Institute and The Institute also participated in the Manhattan Project.If you ever needed a scapegoat during the Cold War you might want to consider him.

Lucas Sullivant

The Jebediah Springfield of Columbus Ohio.Lucas Sullivant was laided to rest in Franklinton Cemetery,and which predates Columbus, and was responsible for bringing most of the settlers to the area.His body was moved to GreenLawn Cemetery from Franklinton Cemetery in 1849.

James A.Rhodes

Ohio governor during the Vietnam whose National Guard troops killed four kids at Kent State. In spite of this, Rhodes Office is the tallest building in the downtown Columbus area.

Eddie Rickenbacker

World War One’s most greatest flying ace and car racing hotshot of the nineteen-teens Rickenbacker Air Force Base was named after him.

James Thurber

Cartoonist,writer and humorist who Jefferson Avenue home is one of the city haunted hotspots.James Thurber’s grave is small one with a drawing of unicorn engraved in it. Thurber’s namesake include the Thurber Theater in the Drake Student Union at OSU.. James Thurber’s Father and Mother and brother are also laided to rest at GreenLawn Cemetery

Dr.Lincoln Goodale

Grave was also moved from Franklinton Cemetery and he was put to rest in GreenLawn Cemetery.Dr.Goodale was the first person to practice medicine in Columbus Ohio. He donated Goodale Park to the city and had a street named after him.

Simon Lazarus

Simon Lazarus founded Lazarus department stores in downtown Columbus Ohio.His innovations include escalators, air conditioned stores and the concept of “one low price” without bargaining.He also lobbied President Roosevelt to fix Thanksgiving as the fourth Thursday in November, and thus establishing and official anchor malls all over the Columbus area and other cities elsewhere.

Stanislas Roy

Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor at the Battle of Little Big Horn,1876

Frederick Phisterer

Congressional Medal of Honor winner from the Civil War,he “voluntarily conveyed, under a heavy fire,information to a commander of a battalion of regular troops by which the battalion was saved from capture or annihilation.

James William Forsyth

More infamous than famous,Forsyth was a Civil War general who later commanded the troops at the 1890’s massacre at Wounded Knee in South Dakota.

Grace Bird Kelly

She was the lady of the House and she also haunts the Kelton House her spirit is seen rumoring house.

Alice Schille

She was noted as one of Columbus Ohio’s watercolor artist.She won several awards for her Impressionist paintings and was exhibited her work worldwide.

John Grant Mitchell

Stocky,balding character actor who appeared in a number of well-known movies before his death in 1957– including The Grapes of Wrath and The Man Who Came To Dinner and many more.