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The Grand Theatre

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

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Eldon House

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

is haunted by a British army officer whose ghost appeared at the ball there minutes he drowned in The Thames River that is located behide the house.

Walnut Grove Cemetery

Monday, December 8th, 2008

I’m not sure if Walnut Grove Cemetery is haunted i didn’t capture any evidence of any spirit activity there.But Walnut Grove is one of the oldest cemeteries in Columbus,OH.I am not sure if Walnut Grove Cemetery was around the same time as GreenLawn Cemetery. But Walnut Grove Cemetery is located off Sharon Springs Drive in Worthington,OH.It has a reputation among the local teenagers in Worthington as being a haunted cemetery for many generations.Some of the legends attached to the low hanging trees.Residents of Worthington claim a women who lived there was a witch or supposedly a witch or the house itself was haunted.

A real life horror story happened to take place on Tuesday August 22nd 2006.Where five local girls from Worthington.Seniors from Thomas Worthington High School.Were investigating the cemetery one of them blew the car horn to scare everyone.What they didn’t know the “haunted” house on 141 Sharon Springs Drive was the home of Allen S Davis who went to his first story bedroom window and fired his gun at the local girls but he thought they were trying to attack him that was his claim for firing his gun at them but he and the local girls didn’t know one of them were seriously injured in the process.

The Girls thought it was firecrackers or some form of fireworks when they were driving off in their car they noticed Rachel Barezinsky have been hit twice in the head and twice in the upper body.Rachel survived the shots but ended up in critical condition at OSU Medical Center.Allen S. Davis was arrested and charged with five counts of felonious assault.