The Ridges Tuberculosis Ward

The sole remaining abandoned building on the grounds of the Ridges is the old tuberculosis ward. Over the years all of the other buildings have been turned into something, even if it’s just storage. Many of the cottages are now very attractive classroom buildings; the main building contains a museum. But the TB ward hasn’t gotten the treatment yet. It stands dark and shuttered on a hill at the edge of the property, just above the cemetery.

I didn’t bother trying to get inside of The Ridges TB Ward first of all i don’t feel like getting arrest or getting caught by someone and i don’t want to me exposed to the lead paint and other dangerous material in the build and you don’t know if the floors are in excellent condition etc if you get hurt while inside these old type buildings its your fault if you get hurt.

If you go around the building you will see everyway to get into the building has been sealed off for everyone protection and you can also see bricks and lumber in the courtyard as well

When i was at the TB ward there was no cemetery at all i am not sure if they just took all of the tombstones off the graves or what i didn’t even see any.

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