Salem Road

A man and woman were happily married, but were unable to have children. The happy day finally came when the wife got pregnant and had a baby. It was not too long after this baby was born that the wife became pregnant again and had a second baby. The family lived happily until a few years later when the parents got into a huge argument. It was then revealed by the man’s wife that neither of the kids belonged to him. In a rage, he took the two children out to the barn and killed them. He went back into the house and killed his wife in the basement before killing himself. A strong presence can now be felt inside of the basement and is known to sometimes push people. In the barn, doors slam, screams can be heard, and there is an odd smell of sulfur. Some witnesses have also claimed to see a ghostly family approaching their vehicle near the house. At least one group of people recorded an EVP in the barn of a man’s voice stating, “You shouldn’t be here,” and batteries have drained in the electronic equipment of other groups. A legend about the home states that if your name is written on the wall of the house, your vehicle will break down before turning off of the road.

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