Memorial Hall

Up intill the late 1990’s Franklin County Memorial Hall was buried beneath a false front of COSI,the Center for Science and Industry.Before COSI,though it hosted a very wide variety of events.Supposedly, sometime in the 1920’s,a little girl died in a coat chute in the basement of of the building.

Even,today she is reportedly seen roaming the building and has been especially active since the restoration efforts got underway. She is reportedly riding the elevators from top to bottom of the building.And sometimes pushes the hands of the clocks backwards.

Another legend at the Memorial Hall is of a ghost of a Scottish terrier running around inside of the building.The Scottish terrier is seen barking and chasing an invisible someone or it be the little girl who died in the coal chute.Scottish terrier is known to knock people over as they walked the halls of the Memorial Hall.

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