Penn State University

The ghost of a mule haunts the Watts Hall dormitory on this campus.Old Coaly,asthe mule called,was one of the original pack mules that worked to build the university in the 1850’s.Coaly lived to a ripe old age,when he died his remains were perversed and displayed in the Old Main Building.After the building was destroyed by a fire in the early 1900’s,Coaly’s remains were stored in the basement of Watts Hall.Then,in the 1960’s,Coaly skeleton was once again put on display, this time at the Agricultural Building.

Ever since,Old Coaly’s ghost has been reported standing in the hallway outside the storage room back in Watts Hall.Sometimes, his noisy braying is heard coming from behind the locked door.Another haunted spot on this campus is in Runkle Hall.A third-floor room there was the scene of poltergeist activity in the fall of 1994.A resident assistant reported loud banging sounds,lights blinking on and off and a disembodied voice spoke incoherently.She also said that her mattress and pillows were”breathing”rising and falling in a regular pattern.The University investigated but could find no explanation.

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