Leonard Hall

Some say that Leonard Hall 13 is haunted. It is said to have had, at one time, two doors. In 1961, the room was remodeled, one of the doors blocked off, and is now used for storage. However, there have been a few incidents that have led students to believe that this room is haunted. In 1980, Beth Schaefer lived next door to room 13. One night, she heard what she thought was the sound of a bed creaking coming from the room. When she investigated, there was no one and no bed in the room.

Another Leonard resident was up early one morning in the bathroom. She heard the door open and felt the presence of someone in the room with her. When she turned around, no one was there. In 1972, security officer Vernon Parker was making his rounds during the summer, after all the students had left. He saw a figure wearing a baseball cap coming out of the east wing of Old Kenyon walk towards Leonard, where he then disappeared. When Mr. Parker went to investigate, all the doors were locked and there was no trace of this “person.”

If anyone who lived in Leonard Hall had any experiences let me know i would like to hear from you if you had any personal experiences.

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