The Church of the Holy Spirit

You are not safe even in the campus chapel. There are two different accounts of haunting-related events in the church. A common belief is that the Church is cursed. Most churches in the 19th century were built in the shape of crosses on the East-West line, with the altar facing East to celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection every day. However, the Church of the Holy Spirit is built on the North-South axis and faces South: it is, in essence, an upside-down cross. Also, though there is no official record of any fire in the Church, there are scorch marks beneath the windows of the chapel: the catch, however, is that the marks are facing down, indicating that the Church burned from the top to the bottom, defying the laws of physics as it did so.

The second story is of an actual haunting. If you go into the Church late at night by yourself, perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the priest’s ghost, a pitch-black shape in the dark recess under the choir loft. Years ago, a priest was said to have gone crazy and locked himself in the office of the Church. The story goes that he hung himself in the belltower and is now condemned to haunt the church.

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