Mooney Mansion

And there are a few legends say a lot of different things.The basic theme seems to be this: A Dr. Mooney lived with his wife and children in one of the homes high atop Walhalla sometime in the 1950s.

When his slow descent into madness passed its boiling point, he chopped every member of his family up with an axe. Whether he killed himself, was caught, or made an escape is not known, but the murderous act is supposed to be reenacted nightly, bathed in a cold blue glow and visible through the windows of Mooney’s Mansion.

I have heard a few other version of about the so-called murders at Mooney Mansion Me and James and Austin went to Mooney Mansion last night and  i seem to have captured alot of orbs while taking some pictures.Austin told us that when he climbed up the hill he seen a dark shadow appear in front of one of the main windows in the Mansion and we also heard footsteps running through the brush around the bridge.

Here is other one of the so- called legends of what happened at Mooney Mansion I’m not sure if this happened or how much of it is a legend shrouded in mystery.

Another popular variant has Mooney losing everything in the 1929 stock market crash and killing his wife and kids in their beds, then hanging their bodies from the bridge over Walhalla before shooting himself in the attic of his house. It seems like a lot of work for a depressed person to do, but hey, who knows? In this version, the blue light is always on in the attic of his old house, which might even be occupied. A reversal of this version is sometimes given, with Mooney himself hanging from the bridge and his family taking the bullets in the house.

One confident, reasonably competent-sounding report I received recently says that Mooney’s Mansion is the house located at 259 Walhalla Road, closer to Indianola than High.

Here is another legend on what supposedly happened at Mooney Mansion

Dr.Mooney is supposedly seen kicking his his wife’s severed head down the hill to Walhalla Road – An act which you can see repeated with a phantom head if you climb the right back staircase and knock on the door of the now totally abandoned that A.No severed head came down bouncing down after us lastnight.and B the house we went to wasn’t abandoned.There was no life size statue in the back yard of a woman,which is supposedly will bleed in all the places where Dr.Mooney’s wife received the axe flows.Other people say the hangers from the Calumet bridge aren’t t the Mooney Family at all.

I heard reports that there were raped and murdered woman and maybe their spirits haunt Walhalla Road in the isolated hollow over the years.

Maybe that’s why the city install safety lights down in the hollow i am not sure the names of the woman who were raped and murdered there.If anyone has any information about these please contact me.

I just recently went to GreenLawn Cemetery i was just wondering around in GreenLawn Cemetery i happened to noticed something caught my eye. A tombstone with the name Mooney on it i am not sure if that is the Mooney Family who lived in the Mooney Mansion on Walhalla or not if anyone has any information about this please let me know

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