Saint Patrick’s Church And Cemetery is located in rural Pennsylvania,I’m not going to reveal the location of this church and cemetery.I grew up not even few miles away from Saint Patrick’s Cemetery I have witnessed many times of spirit activity happening in and around the Church and the house that is on the property.

Like seeing spirits of children all dressed in white clothes playing jump rope and dodge ball kinda like if you seen the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and seen the windows open and close and the doors open and close and the lights turn on and off when you enter the house its so cold in there doesn’t matter if its like 80 to 90 degrees outside in the summer you will walk in with goose bumps all over your body.

If you enter the house all battery operated stuff like cameras tape recorders and video camera all of the batteries will die.And sometimes you can catch a glimpse of other spirits who haunted the cemetery and in the house.You can also see shadows or some call them shadow people moving around the house and cemetery.

I investigated the house and cemetery a few years ago on Halloween and when i entered the house you started to hear stuff move but there was nothing inside the house i investigated the house first floor and the second floor after i went down to the basement it was so cold down there like a super deep freezer and that’s when all of the shit went down.I didn’t capture any pictures with spirits in them i didn’t need to i know that place is haunted super damn freaky.